Komori Europe set new quality standards with K-Supply H-UV inks

In 2016, Komori selected Siegwerk as its European partner to manufacture high-sensitive “K-Ink” exclusively designed for Komori’s innovative H-UV system.

Under the “K-Supply” brand, Komori offers its customers a line-up of special consumables and materials that are officially approved for the company’s printing presses.

Thomas Glaser, Head of Technology of the Business Unit Sheetfed at Siegwerk, says: “Siegwerk and Komori cooperatively developed some new and revolutionary high-sensitive H-UV / H-UV L (LED) inks exclusively for Komori’s energy saving H-UV curing system offering best-in-class print results. These novel K-Supply H-UV / H-UV L (LED) inks stand for high-level versatility and eco-friendly performance”. The inks are characterized by top-level definition and press stability and match all Lithrone H-UV press requirements. They are compliant with the most stringent safety and environmental standards.

This also includes the compliance with the changed regulations and reclassifications in the EuPIA Exclusion Policy. So the series are free of the photoinitiator Omnirad-369, free of Ethyl-4-dimethylaminobenzoat (EDB), 2-Ethylhexyl-4-dimethyl aminobenzoat (EHA) and 4-Phenylbenzophenon (4-PBZ).

The high reactive H-UV L (LED) KR916 series fully satisfy all demands of H-UV / H-UV L (LED) offset Komori equipped printers with regard to technical performance, printing speed and rub resistance. There is no misting and no feathering. The process colour series shows trouble-free curing, good water/ink balance and complies with the ISO 12647-2 standard.

Great deinkability on various paper types

Due to a joint research by Siegwerk and Stora Enso, Komori Europe is able to improve the deinkability of its K-Ink. This is the powerful result of an enhanced H-UV / H-UV L (LED) offset ink system for (un)coated types of paper. Deinkability is the removal of ink of paper that will be recycled for further or new use.

In most cases, paper that is printed with H-UV or H-UV L (LED) inks shows an uncertain deinkability, as these inks will act as a solid layer after curing. These extra layers are even mechanically resistant. H-UV / H-UV L (LED) inks are strongly attached to the fibre and thus, not easy to remove during the recycling process of paper.

The outcomes of this research have brought a great level of satisfaction to Komori Europe and will have a positive influence on the users of K-Ink. The researchers have managed to develop H-UV / H-UV L (LED) offset inks whose deinkability compares positively to conventional oil-based offset inks, classified well suited for deinking. The deinkability of the new K-Supply K-Ink is developed according to the INGEDE method 11 (01/2018) and the European Paper Recycling Council EPRC scorecard. Both are the officially approved industry standards for the testing of deinking.

The new and improved ink system is suitable for all Komori H-UV / H-UV L (LED) dryers and is free of the reclassified 369, EDB, EHA and PBZ photoinitiators. K-Supply offers a full range of colours.

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