Komori Europe expands K-Supply product range to provide new solutions

Press Release

In its mission to support printers during the entire printing process, Komori Europe has just added a large number of chemicals to its K-Supply portfolio. These new products mark the largest number of additions since the founding of this consumables product range.

Len Prooi, Manager PESP: “I am thrilled that we have succeeded in adding a considerable amount of high-quality products to the Chemicals section of our portfolio. We believe these new products are the types of chemicals a company should use during their printing processes, depending on their jobs, supplies and other variables. From fount solutions to cleaners, with solvents and ink removers as well. Tailor-made to meet presses and processes, these chemicals are developed to accommodate companies that print conventional, H-UV(-L) or mixed. We do our best to cater to each specific printing company the best we can.”

Ken Sagawa, President of Komori Europe: “We are transitioning as a company. We are not just an offset printing manufacturer anymore, we have added digital presses and pressroom supplies to our portfolio the last couple of years. Providing actual solutions instead of just presses, to support printing companies the best we can. Our entire K-Supply product range consists of supplies tested at Komori Graphic Center-Europe and approved for optimal use with Komori printing presses. The number of products within K-Supply is growing rapidly, these new Chemicals are the perfect example.”

The K-Supply product range is divided into 6 categories, with Chemicals being one of them. The others are Accessories, Cylinder Related, Ink, Rollers and KomoriKare. KomoriKare is a series of enhancements, services and hard- and software upgrades done by a Komori representative. K-Supply consists of private and co-branded products, the latter are always partnerships with first-class companies.

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