Komori and KTA organised first-ever Finnish Printology

The very first Finnish Printology was organised by Komori and KTA-Yhtiöt on Thursday May 9, 2019. Called ‘OffsetForum’ this event attracted over 30 carefully selected visitors who were welcomed into the world of Komori and partners like AMS Spectral UV, FujiFilm, Huber and X-rite.

KTA-Yhtiöt only joined the Komori Distributor Network last year, and is already working hard to establishing the Komori brand in Finland even more. By co-organising this OffsetForum, they allowed printers to see the possibilities of Komori equipment and service in just a single day.

Peter Minis, our Marketing Manager, gave a introduced of our company, philosophy and product portfolio: “What I like about events like this OffsetForum, is that it gives us the opportunity to go out and into the field and engage in conversations with printers. We’re able to discuss Komori’s latest innovations, but also talk about how printers are running their businesses. Next to that, a Printology features speakers from different suppliers, bringing added value to the visitors in terms of knowledge and expertise around the latest developments in printing.”

Another speaker from Komori was our Director of Distributor Sales Jeroen Hulshoff, who spoke about the future of printing. Other seminars were given by Ulrich Sause of AMS Spectral UV (a Baldwin Tech Company), who spoke about H-UV innovations and techniques, FUJIFILM’s M. Riemann who spoke about the development and possibilities of offset rollers and R. Kutchera (Huber Group), about new UV colours and food packaging printing. X-Rite’s M. Axelsson gave a seminar about automation solutions.

A Printology is an event on location and organised by Komori and its local distributor. Designed to every desirable theme, Printologies are introductions to Komori and selected partners. They give brief introductions to the possibilities print offers to printers and customers, both now and in the (near) future.

KTA-Yhtiöt Owner Pentti Yliheljo welcomed guests to the OffsetForum
Peter Minis, Komori Europe Marketing Manager
Jeroen Hulshoff, Komori Europe Director of Distributor Sales

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