The Printology 2018 Roadshow received a warm welcome in all three cities it visited. Our South African distributor Kemtek Imaging Systems organised this three-day event as a whistle-stop tour: three events, three different cities, three days in a row, from October 23 - 25.

The "Innovate to Create" theme inspired the over 100 visitors during the 4-hour, late afternoon seminars. The attendees heared from industry veterans in which direction print is heading, emphasised on a number of trends such as sustainable business practices in a world of economic uncertainty. Practices such as keeping electricity costs down, maintaining a low carbon footprint and the need to adapt quickly to changing market conditions.

Our Director of Distributor Sales Tony Carter spoke about the benefits of low energy curing/drying, and subsequent gains such as reduced ink volumes, less power, less maintenance and higher performance. All leading to less cost. He also spoke about the packaging market and what's to come for this part of our industry, especially the year-on-year growth that lead to a constant demand for further innovations. 
Tony finished of with a virtual reality tour of our one-of-a-kind Komori Graphic Center-Europe and handed out ready-to-go cardboard glasses to take home.

Other short and punchy seminars were given by Ulrich Sause of AMS Spectral UV (a Baldwin Technology Company) who illustrated that no powder coating is required when using H-UV technology, a higher closs effect is created and H-UV inks become dry within the printing process and before they reach the pile.
FUJIFILM South Africa's Takeo Hata spoke of sustainable printing possibilities and the elements required in conventional printing, as well as the latest technologies FUJIFILM has developed.
Jonathon Johnstone from Siegwerk South Africa spoke about the K-Supply H-UV inks, that are ISO 2846 / PSO compliant, meaning they feature little to no absorption through paper. This guarantees low ink comsumption for printers, as shown in the customer testimonials he showed the audience.

This Printology Roadshow was the perfect opportunity for South African printers to get inspired by the market developments and see what opportunities lay in front of them. 

"This well-organised event attracted a lot of customers who saw the potential of market developments such as our H-UV technology and I am looking forward to another edition." Tony Carter, Director of Distributor Sales

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