Distributor Printman wins Outstanding Achievement Award

Romanian distributor Printman SRL has been presented with the first Outstanding Achievement Award. Komori’s Director of Distributor Sales Tony Carter handed the award over to Printman’s Managing Partner Paul Zamfir during the annual Distributors Meeting last week. 

Printman was giving the Outstanding Achievement Award for an impressive sales record during the previous fiscal year, while simultaneously maintaining customer relationships with existing Komori printers in Romania. The distributor sold multiple combinations of equipment available from the Komori press portfolio.

Besides printing presses, Printman is responsible for the installation of the first-ever Highcon laser cutter in Romania, as it has sold the machine that used to be in KGC-E to a Romanian customer. They have also sold the first Apressia CTX115 cutting line in Romania, including jogger, lift and software that connects JDF files with the equipment.

Left to right: Neil Sutton (Komori), Ken Sagawa (Komori), Paul Zamfir (Printman) and Tony Carter (Komori)
Left to right: Claudiu Szfura, Paul Zamfir and Joszef Bugar, all Printman

Paul Zamfir: “I am overwhelmed and surprised with this Outstanding Achievement Award. First, it comes so unexpected, because I didn’t expect this kind of special recognition. Second, it makes me feel very proud that our efforts are recognized by Komori. We knew they value our partnership, as we do equally. We have had fantastic results last year, and already this year is looking promising”

Tony Carter: “We enjoy a wonderful relationship with Printman that goes back as far as 2007. They have incredible knowledge of our products and a huge love for print in general and that is how they can support Rumanian printers best.”

Zamfir: “I might be solely responsible for the Komori portfolio at Printman, but behind me is our sales team, who create leads and opportunities to benefit from. Together we can make it happen because of our common efforts, this award goes to all of us. We were also able to achieve this sales results because of how close we work with Komori. Everybody at Komori supports from their own field, which gives us the opportunity to present both companies as one strong entity to our customers.”

The award is designed with Printman in mind. The design showcases blank paper sheets that gradually turn into a finished product, the birds. This transitioning symbolises our partnership. The chosen colours represent both Komori and its distributor.

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