Remous Print signs major contract for Komori K-Supply products

Case Study

To maintain its strong position in the printing market, Komori is moving away from solely being a press manufacturer and is now equally focused on its role as print engineering service provider by offering total printing solutions, including Komori K-Supply approved consumables. Dorset-based printing company Remous Print, recently signed a contract with Komori UK for virtually all products of its K-Supply range, including the H-UV ink, K-Ink.

Alan Bunter is Managing Director for Remous Print and works closely together with his co-directors, including his father Graham who started the £2.2mln turnover business in 1980. “We have been printing on a Komori LS-529 H-UV press for over 4 years now and we know what this machine is capable of. Is does not emit ozone and runs alcohol free, therefore suiting our environmental credentials perfectly. We are happy with the support we get from Komori UK and we were up for a test trial when they told us about K-Supply.”

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