Deltabach chooses new Komori eight-colour press for more efficiency

Nieuw-Vennep-based Dutch printer Deltabach has recently installed their brand-new eight-colour Komori GL-840P LED UV 70x100 press. “We are very happy about this addition, extra power was a necessity due to our growth”, says owner/Managing Director Marc de Jong. ‘Besides that, in this day and age, customers -including fellow printers- request shorter delivery times. We can adjust to that better and better, due to our new printing press. Changing offset plates goes fully automatic, a real changeover time saver. In addition to that, we print with Siegwerk LED UV inks, delivered by distributor AtéCé under the Komori private label K-Supply. Siegwerk has, as a true UV ink specialist, made the most progress in developing LED/H-UV inks and meets the most recent and stricter environmental requirements. The major benefit of printing with LED UV is the immediate drying of the sheets, ready for finishing. Those are all relevant issues that truly count to anticipate into these changes in our market."

"We can optimise our organisation even further by installing this new Komori press. Both Komori and AtéCé have provided us with all the support we needed, and we have used their knowledge and experiences gratefully. It all comes down to the interaction of our people and this fully automated press. The printing process is under control from start to finish, which means our operators and other employees can concentrate on logistics more and more. This shift is to be more efficient and allows us to meet our customers’ demands. That is why we invested in a Komori LED UV eight-colour press, to help our customers better than ever."

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