KomoriKare Color+

Our technology holds up against the standards of today, with a growing opportunity to enjoy the multi-layered benefits of quality, productivity and efficiency even more. Many modern printing and proofing papers contain Optical Brightening Agents (OBA) to enhance the appearance of the printed results. Their presence create challenges when it comes to color management, so the new ISO 12647-2:2013 standard has been brought to life -and paper.

An introduction to Color+

Color+ is part of Komori's range of KomoriKare products and is a PDC Upgrade of your software. It allows the operator to print jobs with an even higher density and brighter colors than ever before. OBAs operate through the process of fluorescence and absorb ultraviolet (UV) radiation below 400 nanometers. Through electro-physical change, emit light mostly stays in the blue end of visible spectrum at 400-450 nm. When this ligth is emitted from papers that have been printed with brightening agents, they are perceived as 'whiter than white'. This reaction comes from the observed light that is the reflected and emitted light, with a touch of fluorescence. This effect becomes more effective when you see it through a 'black light' with UV light source. The perceived color of a piece printed on a substrate containing OBAs will look different, depending on the use of light source to check if the print contains UV or not. Whereas older graphic arts measurement standards where specified at D50, that is no longer the case with these modern equipment and possibilities. Substrates containing UV and viewed under real-life conditions were mismatched and failed expectations. Mismatching will not happen with the Color+ software, since this is aimed at the latest technology and options in printing.

Albin Baranauskas, Managing Director, Techkon

The new ISO standard

As part of ISO 13655-2009: Spectral Measurement and Colorimetric Computation for Graphic Arts Image, new illumination conditions for different applications have been defined. This “M series” allows color management of OBA-enhanced substrates to be further refined to an even higher degree.
Komori Europe has made a video explaining this standard and how we use it to our advantage. Together with our Marketing Manager Peter Minis, Albin Baranauskas from Techkon talk about this new guideline.

Peter Minis, Marketing Manager Europe, Komori International Europe BV

You can read more about the new standard in this whitepaper, written by Global OEM Technical Manager for X-Rite Raymond Cheydleur and Color Consultant Kevin O’Connor.


Komori technology constantly evolves to reflect of and anticipate to the changing needs of the printing industry. This 'continuously improvement' is also known as Kaizen, the Komori development philosophy. This philosophy applies to all products, systems and components from our organization. To us it means working on multiple ways to improve the day-to-day tasks in and around the pressrooms with a green focus. Many of our recent upgrades and enhancements are aimed to reduce waste. Waste of time, materials and power. Additionally, the aforementioned products and service are aimed at improving product performances as well.

If you have any questions regarding Color+ or KomoriKare in general? Please contact our Manager Printing Engineering Service Provider, Len Prooi at l.prooi@komori.eu