Data Management

‘Print standardization’ required

Reducing ‘wasted costs’ are a prime consideration when optimizing individual processes. Most wasted costs are caused by additions and revisions in various processes. In other words: ‘backwards processes.’ To eliminate such backwards processes, the target is to try to establish ‘perfect work’. The contents of each process need to be thoroughly analysed, output in precisely the correct quantities, and flawless results passed from one to the next process.

Achieving this requires digital-ready presses capable of high-level numeric control and the software to process this data efficiently.

It is important to combine this hardware and software to build an environment for ‘Print Process Stabilization - Printing Standardization.

This will allow the structuring of a business network capable of solid, high-efficiency data management via JDF, in which only the most-needed, high-quality information is filtered through

PQC (Print Quality Controller)
K-STATION (K-Station)
PCC (PQC CIP Communicator)
KHS Advanced Interface (KHS-AI)
PDM (PQC Data Manager)