Lithrone GX40 Carton

The embodiment of the Indispensable ‘right hand’ for printing on heavy stock.
The Lithrone GX40 Carton is a dedicated press with high-level functions that is specified for printing on heavy stocks. Well adapted to package printing using thick sheets, this press is based on the latest Lithrone G40. The development concept is a press that will be the indispensable ‘right hand,’ providing a definitive competitive edge in the package printing business.

The Lithrone GX40 Carton is the embodiment of a 40-inch press that answers a wide range of package printing needs, accommodating thick sheets and special papers with outstanding cost competitiveness. Offering a maximum printing speed of 16,500 sheets per hour, the very stable high speed performance of this machine translates into extraordinarily wide printing aptitude in high quality printing on thick sheets and special papers. The Lithrone GX40 Carton is a 40-inch press that will be the indispensable ‘right hand’ with outstanding versatility that will open up new areas of business as a strategic partner for printing on heavy stock.

  • Sheet thickness range of 0.2 ~ 1.0 mm and maximum sheet size of 750 x 1,050 mm. Optimum format for package printing sheet thicknesses and impositions.
  • Many devices and mechanisms specifically for high quality printing on heavy stock.
  • Gripper pad up/down adjustment and double sheet detector adjustment unnecessary throughout the sheet thickness specification range. High speed performance significantly improved throughout the thick sheet operation region.
  • Capable of being upgraded with a wide range of options.

- Production performance enhancement: Automatic nonstop feeder/delivery, roller conveyor system that facilitates the transport of heavy stock, A-APC (Asynchronous Automatic Plate-Changer) system that changes plates on all units simultaneously

- Quality control/color tone control systems: PQA-S (Print Quality Assessment System for Sheetfed), double pile delivery, PDC-SX (Spectral Print Density Control SX Model)

- High added value printing enhancement: Interdeck drying unit (DU), double coater.

- H-UV Innovative Curing System