Komori Ipex show report

11 april 2014

Komori H-UV process hits the target! Says Komori UK’s Director of Sheetfed Sales, Steve Turner: "Komori has a long-standing track record of utilising major printing industry exhibitions to highlight the benefits of product innovations and latest technology, and this was precisely the philosophy behind Komori's decision to sponsor the Ipex Eco Zone.”

“Our demonstrations of the Komori H-UV curing system, with its many ecological strengths, enabled us to clarify the uniqueness of the H-UV process. All four daily demonstrations were well attended,  and generated serious interest from a wide range of visitors from within and outside the UK, including existing and prospective Komori users. We are confident that Ipex will have helped us to further strengthen our order book for presses equipped with Komori H-UV drying."

“The timing of the show was perfect for Komori, as, although there are now over 350 installations of Komori H-UV presses worldwide, the applications for the process are so exceptionally diverse that the sales potential for Komori is enormous. In the case of the UK, where Komori has just signed three significant orders for H-UV and received countless enquiries, Ipex provided the ideal springboard to show and explain the many benefits and opportunities which the Komori exclusive H-UV process offers to printers across the industry.”

At Ipex, Komori demonstrated H-UV curing on the five colour B1 Lithrone GL-540, with a coating unit enabling Komori to highlight not just the immediate drying characteristics of H-UV but also the clarity of print and the enhanced gloss levels and contrast achieved with spot varnishing which are keynotes of the H-UV process.

As Komori International Europe’s Product Manager, Peter Minis, points out: “Much of the new technology developed in the graphic arts industry can now be shown and explained successfully on desktop presentations, but we consider that it’s a very different situation with H-UV – because it offers a combination of higher quality print, instant drying, no dry back, no ozone emissions, complete elimination of spray powder even on uncoated materials, foils and plastics, and all that needs to be experienced close up at real time demonstrations.

 What printers were also able to see on the GL-540 was that only one special H-UV lamp was required to achieve this, with no ducting needed, and, through Komori’s KHS-AI quick makeready system, with minimum waste levels and fast job changeovers, too!

“That is why the Ipex opportunity was so exciting and so successful for us.”

Ipex Lithrone sold to imageData Group

Komori’s Ipex press was ordered by the UK’s imageData Group which has taken delivery of the GL-540 directly from the show. The Group has a turnover exceeding £20 million and employs over 250 staff, providing a complete range of litho, digital and screen printing services.

Says imageData Group CEO, David Danforth: “The latest Komori investment strengthens the Group’s existing, technologically advanced B1 capabilities. The new H-UV G-40 will be compatible with our two other Lithrone 40s and also with many of our digital output devices. In choosing to specify the press with H-UV, it also extends our UV offerings beyond digital and into litho. This increased flexibility further ensures that we continue to offer the fastest and most cost-effective production to our customers.”

“The H-UV curing process will also enable us to deliver these finishes inline and, with its instant drying capability, we’ll be able to achieve this on plastics and foil, as well as on paper. So, with the addition of the GL-540, we expect to see more cross-over between our litho, digital and screen production.”