Komori to hold Printology H-UV forums

9 februari 2015

Komori will hold the first three of a planned series of Printology H-UV forums and field visits around the UK in March.

Although a number of Printology H-UV seminars have been held in other European countries over the past year, the UK forums will be the first to feature accompanying production demonstrations on printers’ shopfloors.

Komori UK director of sheetfed sales Steve Turner, who will lead the sessions, said: "We've now more than 2,500 units and over 500 H-UV presses in production around the world and our market penetration affirms that H-UV has stimulated investments during the last few years' difficult economic conditions.

"We're the clear market leader with this type of technology and, having been exceptionally successful in winning UK orders for this in the last year, the time is now ideal for us not only to explain but also to demonstrate Komori H-UV across the UK."

The firm will hold its first three forums at venues in Oxford on 10 March, Harrogate on 17 March and Hertford on 19 March. Each presentation will conclude with production demonstrations at H-UV printers located close to these venues; Hunts in Oxford, Platinum Print in Harrogate and Hertford Offset in Hertford.

“We will do a presentation at a venue close to our existing customers and that will include information about what H-UV is all about, what its benefits are and the special effects that you can achieve with H-UV. We’ll have samples available and there will also be a presentation from Baldwin, which manufactures the special lamps that we use,” said Turner.

“We'll also be talking about alternatives such as LED-UV, clarifying the compliance of H-UV in relation to current and forthcoming new EU regulations, and allowing sufficient time for open discussion.

“We’ll then take the delegates to a local printing company using an H-UV press that’s been in operation for several months. Delegates will be able to see the presses printing in a daily production environment and have the opportunity to talk to the press operators and the managers of the business to really get a true understanding of how they’re performing and if they’re living up to expectations.

“We do expect significant interest in this event as we’ve had great success in the UK with H-UV. If it’s as successful as we expect it to be then I imagine we’ll run another event later in the year in other locations.”

Places are limited due to the field visits. To attend, or for more information, contact Fran Robinson on 0113 823 9200 or email fran_robinson@komori.co.uk.