Corporate Social Responsibility

Here at Komori Europe, we believe in taking responsibility. Integrated into our Corporate Social Responsibility, is our Basic Environment Policy: Everyone working at or for Komori cares for the environment and helps protect it. This Basic Philosophy is covering our six Basic Environmental Policies.

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  1. We consistently pursue improvements, such as saving energy and other resources, resuing and recycling, and reducing all waste for corporate activities.
  2. We promote environmentally friendly printing presses and equipment. We practise green purchasing.
  3. We adhere strictly to environmental and related laws and ordinances while reducing emissions of hazardous chemical substances and striving to prevent polution.
  4. We set up and regularly review environmental goals. We continously reduce environmental loads.
  5. We will document, practice and maintain this policy. We will educate employees about the policy to enhance their awareness of the need to safeguard the environment.
  6. We are committed to communicating with local residents, customers and related companies to aid environmental protection, and will disclose this policy to the general public.

Sustainable Green Concept

Besides the policy, we make sure we work green. With our Sustainable Green Concept, we do our best to work energy neutral, both during and after the manufacturing process. For instance, our Japanese production facility in Tsukuba is filled with solar panels to generate enough energy to produce new printing presses.

Save the Children

Extending our CSR, we recognize the need to change our world for the better. As a global organization, Komori has chosen to support the initiatives of Save the Children. This charity is the good cause supported by Komori-branches world-wide.

Anne Stienstra Project Manager Komori Europe
"Our green initiatives are not only used throughout (the production of) our line of printing presses, they apply to our whole being as an organization."

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